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The economic benefits of oil and gas refining for Kazakhstan.

The economic benefits of oil and gas refining for Kazakhstan.

The added value of the production of finished products from the petrochemical industry exceeds the cost of selling oil and gas by 20 times. Such data are presented in his report "The petrochemical industry of Eurasia: prospects for deepening processing"

Deep processing of gas at each stage increases the cost of the final product:

natural gas → ethane ($80-90 per ton) → ethylene ($600 per ton) → polyethylene ($1600-1800 per ton) → finished products made of polyethylene (for example, polyethylene pipes) ($2500-3700 per ton).

The chemical industry is important for the global economy. Thus, petrochemical production provides approximately 3.3% of global GDP. The share of the industry in China's GDP is 8.9%, Japan – 8.2%; Germany – 6.9%; USA – 6.1%; India – 5%, Russia – 2.9%. In Kazakhstan, the share of NGH industry is only 1.8%.

Kazakhstan has the potential for the development of the petrochemical industry. The country's competitive advantage is the availability of raw materials extracted mainly from the large Tengiz, Kashagan and Karachaganak fields, which are characterized by a high content of ethane, propane and butane. It is from these valuable fractions that high-margin polymer products can be produced for further export.

For example, to obtain 1.6 million tons of ethane, it is necessary to process 9 billion m3 of dry gas (the molar fraction of ethane is about 14% in the component composition of Tengiz dry gas). While in neighboring countries, 45 billion m3 of gas must be processed to produce 2-2.5 million tons of ethane (the molar fraction of ethane is from 3% to 5%).

JSC NC KazMunayGas is working on the implementation of projects for the production of polyethylene and GSK, and promising TFK projects are also being considered/PET and Carbamide. According to our experts, the successful implementation of these projects will ensure a contribution to the country's GDP of 1.5-1.7%.

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