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Gas is sold below cost in Kazakhstan.

Gas is sold below cost in Kazakhstan.

According to JSC NC QazaqGaz, currently the cost of commercial gas supplies in the country is more than 60% higher than the approved average wholesale price.

At the same time, by the end of 2023, the company suffered losses from the sale of gas in the domestic market in the amount of 175 billion tenge, LS reports

Speaking about the possible shortage of blue raw materials, the national company noted that this indicator depends on the growth rate of domestic consumption and the stability of supplies of commercial gas from domestic subsoil users. The projected shortage may be covered by imported resources.

The organization assured that comprehensive measures have been taken to prevent a shortage of commercial gas in the medium and long term. This is an increase in commercial gas resources, including the development of new fields, the construction of new and reconstruction of existing gas processing and gas transmission facilities, etc.

Source: facebook.com
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