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SMEs will be able to compensate up to 40% of the cost of purchasing equipment.

Small and medium-sized businesses in Kazakhstan will be able to compensate up to 40 percent of the funds spent on the purchase of technological equipment.

According to Arstanbek Sagiyev, head of the Business Promotion Directorate of Kazakhstan Industry and Export Center "QazIndustry" JSC, the new type of costs will be launched from mid-May. This innovation, Sagiyev noted, will help entrepreneurs modernize and update the technological park, which, in turn, will increase labor productivity, increase the range of products and ensure the energy efficiency of the enterprise.

"Representatives of the business community asked for the introduction of this type of cost, since the lion's share of the costs of enterprises is the cost of technological equipment. The Ministry of Industry and Construction took this into account, and in March of this year, the "Rules for the provision of State incentives to Industry" were amended. Starting from May 12, 2024, enterprises that produce finished products included in the list of priority goods can apply for reimbursement of part of the costs associated with the purchase of equipment. QazIndustry will reimburse up to 40 percent of the funds spent by enterprises for the purchase of technological equipment, but not more than 60 million tenge," Sagiyev stressed.

He explained that with the introduction of digital technologies, the costs associated with the purchase of equipment such as 3D scanners and printers, large format printers will be reimbursed.

However, not everyone can count on a new type of cost. There are several important conditions. In particular, an enterprise that wants to apply must operate for at least one calendar year before the date of receipt of the application, and have no arrears in taxes, mandatory pension contributions, mandatory professional pension contributions and social contributions on the day of filing the application.

The industry entity must ensure an annual increase in tax deductions for the previous three years before the application date. This requirement does not apply to entities that are exempt from paying taxes, or to entities that have passed less than three calendar years from the date of registration to the date of receipt of the application.

If the entrepreneur previously received support from the state for the purchase of the claimed equipment (from financial development institutions), then QazIndustry will not be able to reimburse these costs. This restriction is provided by the Rules.

As noted in the Ministry of Construction Industry, almost 180 million tenge was reimbursed to domestic enterprises in the first three months of 2024. In 2023, the costs were reimbursed for more than 844 million tenge.

Source: time.kz
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