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Production safety is being improved at ANPZ.

As part of the implementation of the plan of measures for industrial safety of the Atyrau Refinery, the LOTO (Lockout/Tagout) system – isolation of energy sources has been introduced at the production of PPNGO KU GBD.

The system is designed to ensure the safety of personnel during repair and restoration work by blocking technological components (shut-off valves, drainage systems, electric switches, etc.) and placing warning signs. The isolation of energy sources is carried out through the use of special devices, such as cable locking devices, valve and gate locks, electric machines, starting buttons and switches, as well as a multiplier gate, etc. The BiOT service of the plant organized training for the production staff of the PPNGO KU GBD, during which the principle of safe operation during repair and maintenance of equipment using the LOTO system was explained.

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