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In search of oil: new wells are being drilled in the country.

More than 80 wells will be drilled in Kazakhstan in search of oil. This was announced by Vice Minister of Energy Askhat Khasenov, LS reports.

Answering a question from an LS correspondent, he explained that in 2024 it is planned to drill over 80 exploration and exploration wells.

"Given the annual drop in oil production in the fields of the Kyzylorda region, drilling of a deep exploratory well at the Turgai-Paleozoic site with a depth of 5.5 thousand meters will begin this year. m in order to detect promising structures for oil and gas. Also in 2024, an exploratory well will be drilled at the Abai offshore structure in the Kazakh sector of the Caspian Sea," he explained.

In addition, issues are being worked out on the start of drilling deep wells at the Karaton podsolevoy site (Karaton Operating, depth 5.5 thousand m), in the Adai block (Ocean Petroleum, depth 6.9 thousand meters. m), Maksat structure ("ALMEX PLUS Company", depth 6.2 thousand. m), at the Sai-Utes site (SINOPEC branch, depth 5.25 thousand m) and in block A (5A Oil, depth 6.9 thousand m).

The amount of investments in exploration in 2023 amounted to 152.4 billion tenge, which is 12% more than in the previous year (135.7 billion tenge in 2022). In general, this indicator is expected to reach 200 billion tenge annually.

At the same time, Kazakhstan has significantly reduced the time required for the start of geological exploration in the fields. Due to legislative changes, the start of physical field exploration work has been accelerated to 8-10 months.

Earlier, LS published information on how much oil the country has left. Meanwhile, 69 wells were drilled in Kazakhstan in 2023.

Source: lsm.kz
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