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The largest plastic recycling plant in Eastern Europe has been launched in the Moscow region.

The largest plastic recycling plant in Eastern Europe has been launched in the Moscow region.

TASS: Russia's largest plastic recycling plant, Ecoline-recyclable plastic, and the production of finished products from recycled plastic pellets have been launched in the Moscow region. This is the country's first complete waste recycling production chain.

A plastic recycling plant has been launched in the Moscow region, which has become the largest in Eastern Europe. Investments in the project amounted to 11.7 billion rubles, and its production capacity will reach 47 thousand tons of pellets annually. A place for 200 employees has already been found to work at the plant, and the project is expected to pay off by 2030.

The beginning of this ambitious enterprise was laid three years ago thanks to the cooperation of the St. Petersburg company "Vtor-Plast" and the company "EcoLine", based in the Moscow region. The negotiations led to the creation of a joint venture called EcoLine-VtorPlast, which specializes in the processing of polymers and the production of finished plastic products from recycled materials.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Victoria Abramchenko, stressed that this project has become the core of the national project "Closed-loop Economy" and has found the support of Russian business. Investments in the amount of 11.7 billion rubles, including 2.9 billion in federal funding, made it possible to create a modern environmentally friendly facility with unique cleaning systems.

Today, there are more than 80 plastic recycling plants in the country, but the goal of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Government is to increase this number to 240. Against the background of data for 2023, it can be noted that only 10-12% of raw materials are processed in Russia, while in Europe this figure reaches 48%. The management of EcoLine-VtorPlast notes that their new enterprise in the Moscow region is the largest in Eastern Europe.

An unusual advantage of the plant is the ability to accept contaminated raw materials and carry out its multi-level purification from various impurities, glue and labels. The processes at the enterprise are fully automated, and the water after purification returns to the cycle, ensuring the sustainability of production.

This is a good example of the introduction of the latest technologies and advanced environmental solutions into production. Such enterprises are not only profitable for business, but also especially valuable for the preservation of the environment. We hope that the successful experience of EcoLine-VtorPlast will serve as an incentive for other companies to develop similar projects and switch to more environmentally friendly technologies.

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