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Olzhas Bektenov: instead of selling raw materials in the form of gas, we will produce polyethylene, which increases the added value by 20 times.

Olzhas Bektenov: instead of selling raw materials in the form of gas, we will produce polyethylene, which increases the added value by 20 times.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Olzhas Bektenov met with the heads of the world's largest petrochemical companies - President of China Petrochemical Corporation (SINOPEC) Jao Dong and Chairman of the Board of SIBUR LLC Mikhail Karisalov.

The key issue is the joint construction of the first integrated gas chemical complex for the production of polyethylene worth about $7.7 billion and with a capacity of 1.25 million tons per year, which will amount to 1% of all global capacities.

During the meeting, a trilateral protocol was signed, which officially completed SINOPEC's membership in the project. The structure of the plant's owners is as follows: KazMunayGas – 40%, SINOPEC – 30%, SIBUR – 30%.

The Head of Government emphasized the importance of the project due to its focus on the production of high-grade products.

To provide the Polyethylene project with raw materials (ethane), a gas separation complex (GSK) will be built at the Tengiz field. The capacity of GSK is 9.1 billion m3 of dry gas processing per year, of which 1.6 million tons of ethane are expected to be allocated.

Ethane will be sent via the main pipeline from Tengiz to the Karabatan site (the territory of the NINT FEZ, Atyrau region), where a polyethylene production plant will operate.

It is planned to produce about 22 grades of polyethylene according to the American licensed technologies Chevron Phillips and Univation, of which 40% will be premium class. A wide range of applications for both industrial and domestic purposes makes polyethylene the most sought-after polymer in the world.

Polyethylene is used in the fields of medicine, prosthetics, defense, food industry, construction, space industry, etc. This polymer is used in the production of a wide range of products: from plastic wear-resistant pipes, building materials, medicines, syringes, prostheses to body armor, clothing for astronauts and automotive parts. Target markets include Kazakhstan, CIS countries, China, Turkey and European countries. At the same time, the selling price for domestic consumption will be lower than the import price.

"The Head of State has identified deep processing of hydrocarbons as one of the key areas for the development of the oil and gas sector. The priority for our economy is high–conversion production - the production of products with a rapid increase in added value in the technological chain with an export orientation. The added value between the feedstock – ethane and the products of the third conversion – polyethylene increases 20 times, from $80-90 to $1600-1800 per ton. The Polyethylene project will certainly give a serious impetus to the development of both the manufacturing industry and the country's economy as a whole. According to experts, the contribution to the country's GDP by 2030 from the implementation of the project is estimated at about 1.2%," Olzhas Bektenov said.

The construction of the plant is planned to be completed by 2029. More than 8 thousand jobs will be created during the construction period, and about 850 jobs will be created during the operation period.

It was noted that the project is being implemented with the support of the Government. The plant will be built on the territory of a special economic zone with the provision of appropriate infrastructure and a special tax regime. In this regard, the Prime Minister focused the attention of the project participants on the need to maximize the use of local potential.

"On the part of the state, we provide comprehensive support in the implementation of projects important for the country's economy. At the same time, we expect you to increase the share of local content. To do this, it is necessary to determine the list of goods and equipment that will necessarily be purchased from domestic manufacturers. Special attention should be paid to the training of Kazakhstani specialists and the transfer of competencies. It is important for us to maximize the involvement of local personnel, including in leadership positions in the project. We expect a similar approach in the implementation of other joint projects," the Prime Minister stressed.

So, in addition to the Polyethylene plant, it is planned to build a gas separation complex and a main pipeline.

Source: primeminister.kz
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