Production around the KPI plant

The business needs a clear program for the development of production around the KPI plant

We need a clear program for the development of production around the KPI plant

This was announced by Chairman of the Presidium of NCE "Atameken" Raimbek Batalov during the national forum "QAZPOLYMERS - 2022", held the day before in Atyrau.

The head of NCE praised the integrated gas chemical complex of Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc. LLP, which was launched in the region in November this year.

KPI is the first large-scale plant in the petrochemical industry of Kazakhstan with deep processing of raw materials, the plant is one of the world's leading manufacturers of polypropylene.

"This is one of the breakthrough projects of our country, which has a great multiplier effect. Today, the task is to build a real cluster around it for the development of production of further processing. As an NPP, we have actively started working together with Kazmunaygas, Baiterek and, most importantly, with business. In particular, we have begun to form a register of consumers of these products, we are putting together a team that will do additional analytics, all this should be built into a clear, correct and effective program that will give businesses a clear picture of what production facilities can be organized in this territory," the head of NCE noted.

Raimbek Batalov stressed that it is important for NCE "Atameken" to clearly understand which major projects will be localized here in order to coordinate business on the basis of this. Information is also needed on which projects will be available for SMEs here in order to prepare the business in advance. However, today there are a number of issues that need to be addressed.

"Among them are infrastructure issues. On the territory of the FEZ, where the KPI plant is located, the external infrastructure is fully ready, but there is no infrastructure connection to the internal areas allocated for SMEs. We will put infrastructure issues in a separate block, we, as NCE, have the opportunity to discuss it at different levels. In addition, financing issues should be regulated. The position of Baiterek and financial institutions is important here. The program that we will develop will give an impetus to the development of further processing industries around large enterprises, which is very important for the development of SMEs. This will allow us to cover not only the needs of the domestic market, but also to export," Raimbek Batalov stressed.

According to the head of the NCE, the main condition for the implementation of this task is the synergy of production itself, financial institutions, MY and business. The cooperation of all interested parties will contribute to the effective execution of the instructions of the Head of State on the development of systematic measures to provide the Kazakh manufacturing industry with local raw materials.

During the forum, the parties sealed their obligations by signing a number of memoranda.

The material was provided by NCE RK "Atameken"

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