Members of the Association
  • ТОО «Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc.»
    Operator of the first phase of the construction of the first integrated gas chemical complex in Atyrau region (polypropylene project), with a design capacity of 500,000 tons of polypropylene per year. The plant is scheduled to be put into operation in 2021. Polypropylene is a raw material for the production of packaging products (films, bags, tanks, etc.), medical equipment (syringes, tubes, etc.), parts of technical equipment, etc.
  • KMG PetroChem LLP
    The operator of the project "Construction of an integrated gas chemical complex in Atyrau region – The second phase (polyethylene project)", with a design capacity of 1.25 million tons of polyethylene per year. The project will provide high-quality raw materials to domestic manufacturers of pipes, film and building materials, fibers and sanitary products, insulation of electric cables, car parts and many others.
  • Atyrau Oil Refinery LLP (ANPZ)
    One of the three leading oil refineries Kazakhstan. Built in years During the Great Patriotic War for two years, on the basis of a complete set of equipment supplied from the USA under Lend-Lease, it was put into operation in September 1945. The owner of the refinery is KazMunayGas JSC (99.53%). The design processing capacity is 5.5 million tons per year, the processing depth is up to 87%.
  • Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant LLP (PNKHZ)
    The largest enterprise in the north-east of Kazakhstan for oil refining and production of petroleum products and one of the three refineries of the republic, 100% of which are owned by JSC National Company KazMunaiGas. The plant was put into operation in 1978 and is focused on processing crude oil from West Siberian fields. The company has a balanced capacity of 6.0 million tons of oil per year.

  • JSC NC KazMunaiGas
    A Kazakhstani operator for the exploration, production, processing and transportation of hydrocarbons, representing the interests of the state in the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan.

  • ТОО «Karabatan Chemical Corporation»
    Implements a project for the construction of a gas fractionation complex for the production of propane, butane, and synthetic natural gas.
  • Kazakh-British Technical University JSC (KBTU)
    A scientific and educational cluster uniting the university, research and development institutes; it was created to ensure the interconnection of innovative, research and educational blocks, as well as the real integration of science, education and production.
  • APEC PetroTechnic Higher College LLP
    This is a unique educational institution of a new type, engaged in training personnel for the country's oil and gas industry. The training is conducted in English, the language of the global oil and gas industry, which will ensure the flexibility of graduates' employment and meet the requirements of future employers.
  • Satbayev University (KazNITU)
    The oldest and one of the most prestigious technical universities in Kazakhstan, known for developments in the field of mining and oil business. For more than 80 years, this university has been synonymous with technological progress and leadership in Kazakhstan.
  • Atyrau University of Oil and Gas named after Safi Utebayev JSC
    (AUNiG) is a specialized state university The Republic of Kazakhstan, which trains specialists in the field of oil and gas, located in Atyrau
  • Independent Center for Petroleum Products Expertise "ORGANIC
    It is a professional, specialized center in the field of quality for the examination and confirmation of compliance of oil, gas and products of their processing, established in December 2000 on the basis of the Central Republican Laboratory, which provided the controlling function of preserving the quality of petroleum products in the system of State Oil Products of the Kazakh SSR
  • BASF Central Asia LLP
    The BASF representative office in the Republic of Kazakhstan was opened in 1992 in Alma-Ata, and became one of the first representative offices of large international companies in the country. BASF Central Asia LLP is a regional center for the markets of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Regional branches of BASF CA LLP are located in Astana, Atyrau, Karaganda and Aktau. The main sales are carried out in the segment of construction chemicals and plant protection products. The company has plants for the production of construction chemicals in Alma-Ata and Astana, which produce additives to concrete and mortars, building polymers, materials for underground construction, materials for sports and industrial floor coverings, waterproofing, repair systems, groting compounds, mastics.
  • Kazakhstan Fluid Systems Technologies LLP (Swagelok)
    A private international company specializing in the production of components of gas and liquid systems, such as pipe fittings, valves, tubes, hoses and the sale of measuring equipment under its own brand. Swagelok Kazakhstan has its own warehouse in the city of Atyrau, which allows us to respond quickly enough to requests. A wide range of the most in-demand parts and consumables is constantly available.
  • L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University NAO
    A range of services in the field of technological design of oil and gas and petrochemical industry facilities, develops design and design estimates for capital construction, reconstruction and modernization of oil and gas industry facilities.
  • Kaspio Plast LLP
    Manufacturer of polyethylene pipes. The company produces gas and water pipes made of low-pressure and high-density polyethylene HDPE-100 with a diameter from 50 to 710 mm with various wall thicknesses, including with a polypropylene protective layer.
  • LLP «Light Way Solution»
    The company provides freight forwarding services related to cargo transportation.
  • LLP "Arion Invest Eco Plast"
    A company specializing in the design and construction of plants for the production of polypropylene and polyethylene products in Kazakhstan. Design of enterprises for processing and production of finished products from petrochemical raw materials (polypropylene, polyethylene). Analysis and development of technological solutions for the production of products from petrochemical raw materials.

  • «Invest Continent Broker» LLP
    Invest Continent Broker is a brokerage company on the commodity exchange. Comprehensive solutions for mining companies, suppliers and other market participants, including procurement, brokerage services and access to trading on a wide range of commodities.
  • LLP «AVC Production»
    Comprehensive technological EPCS solutions in the oil refining and petrochemical industries
  • Denholm-Zholdas LLP
    Provide repair and maintenance services in Kazakhstan, established in 1999
  • LLP «APEC Training center»
    A leading innovative training center that trains highly qualified workers at all levels for the oil and gas, mining, construction and other industries.
    The largest producer of road bitumen in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • National Center for Integrated Processing of Mineral Raw Materials
    Creation of scientific foundations, development and implementation of competitive technologies and scientific support for state regulation of MMC.
  • D.V. Sokolsky Institute of Fuel, Catalysis and Electrochemistry JSC
    The Institute explores priority areas: deep processing of hydrocarbon and mineral resources, corrosion, ecology and environmental protection, renewable energy, modeling of technological processes and the creation of digital twins based on them, integration into educational activities.
  • PetroKazakhstan Oil Products LLP
    An oil refinery located in the South Kazakhstan region in Shymkent.
  • CTSolutions LLP
    An oil service company providing its services in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The activity is aimed at providing a wide range of scientific, technical and high-tech services in the field of oil and gas production.
    Optimization and digitalization for industrial enterprises
    Design and production company
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